Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year!

About STEP Charter School

Our Mission

STEP Charter is a small, safe, beautiful, and positive place that helps children grow academically, socially, emotionally, and physically to their fullest potential.

Letter From the Superintendent

Welcome to STEP! We are so excited you have enrolled your child at our charter school. 

I started STEP Charter School more than 15 years ago with a vision of building a small, safe, positive, and beautiful school for our community. 

Your child will make friends and feel a sense of connection the very first day they attend STEP. We have small classrooms where our students quickly get to know each other. Unlike most other schools, our classrooms always travel together with their teacher (to the playground or gym) and they also eat together inside their classrooms. Our students are supervised, protected, and encouraged by adult supervision at all times, so you don't have to worry about them feeling isolated or alone. 

Our students soon feel like STEP is their second home. Most of them come to us as little ones. We are able to witness the magic as they transform into young adults before our eyes. I have seen many students shedding tears together on their 8th grade graduation day, as they hug each other and realize that it is their last day at STEP. They are saying goodbye to the school they love and the long friendships they made along the way. 

Kindergarten - 8th grade education, ipads and laptops provided in SW Houston

Our graduates often come back and visit us, and some now work for us, because they were not just a number here at STEP. Our teachers and staff got to know them, shared their stories, and listened to their dreams. In a small school with caring teachers and staff, they mattered.

Everyone who works here at STEP is passionate about one thing — helping kids. It has been the privilege of a lifetime to work around such dedicated people.

So, if you see a guy walking too fast in the hallways, picking up trash in the parking lot, or quietly observing teachers and students in the background, you will know who I am. I may not be the most talkative administrator, but I can guarantee you I am focused each day on making sure your child feels safe, is well-educated, and has some fun along the way.

Each day, as you drive or walk away from STEP, you entrust us with your most prized possession: your children. I will never take that trust and responsibility for granted. Your children are our guests. We try to make each little part of our schools as beautiful as we can and treat STEP students with respect at all times. To expect the very best from our students, we must show it first.

Welcome to STEP. I think you are going to love it here!

William Clark

Founder and Superintendent

Student at STEP charter spend time outdoors in beautiful and safe surroundings

Safety First

Our first objective is to establish a safe school environment. We accomplish this by having:

  • small school size so that every face is soon recognized
  • small classes (18-20) to increase teacher/student proximity
  • continual student supervision in the classrooms, hallways and outside
  • large observation windows into each classroom
  • single-use bathroom areas
  • consistent staff development on positive classroom management strategies to reduce classroom disruptions and increase student safety
  • keeping students actively engaged all the time

Need help or ready to enroll?

Contact us today! Whether a current or prospective parent, he staff at STEP Charter schools is happy to provide you with the assistance needed.